• Internet Safety

    What are the benefits of a SST Protocol when you are using one of the newest VPN providers in the market?

    The Secure Socket Tunnel Protocol has many advantages. This may just be that push you need to agree that SSTP is a top-tier VPN terbaik @ Globalwatchonline.id. The benefits of using SSTP are discussed as follows:

    1. Privacy and security

    Using your browser in Incognito mode will NOT secure you from stealthy hackers. It simply ensures that your browser’s history is not stored on your device. Incognito mode does not guarantee your connection to hackers. That’s where a protocol like SSTP comes in handy.

    • When you use a VPN that services SSTP, you automatically get military-grade encryption (AES-256). That encryption standard is essential for optimal security. While it is just above average, it competes adequately with the very best (OpenVPN).
    • Also, SSTP has the Perfect Forward Secrecy standard which ensures that encryption keys used in the past to secure your data sessions will not be compromised in the future.

    2. Firewall circumvention

    Another fantastic task of SSTP is to bypass firewalls and other Internet restrictions. SSTP’s ability to bypass firewall restrictions does not depend on the type of firewall. It literally unblocks them in an instant and gives you full access to the network. SSTP cannot be blocked because it uses TCP port 443, which is the same port that HTTPS uses.

    3. Censor circumvention

    The ability to bypass firewalls gives it a pass and can help unblock geo-blocked content. Across platforms, content can be restricted to users available in specific regions’s. SSTP contributes to the success of accessing censored content. As long as your VPN has a server in that location, you’re good to go with Nord VPN free trial @ sverige.

    4. Speed

    SSTP delivers a decent connection speed. Unlike some other protocols with limited speed, SSTP is relatively fast. Because it uses a very strong encoding detail, your speed is expected to suffer a bit, but SSTP doesn’t slow down your speed significantly. You still get a reasonable speed. Aside from the above scenario, you may still experience a slight lag. The lag could be due to limited bandwidth or your device’s slow processor.